Emerging Scholarship: Julie Stephens on Religious Sentiment and Political Liberties in Colonial South Asia

In the second installment of our collaborative podcast series with Ottoman History Podcast, Christ Gratien and Tyler Conklin speak with Julie Stephens about the controversial publication of the Ranglia Rasool in the 1920s.

"Are We German or German-Iranian?": Reflections On Identity In the Wake of the Munich Attack

Ali David Sonboly saw himself as a German; the general public seems to disagree. 11 interviews with members of Munich’s Iranian diaspora community suggest that so-called “German-Iranians” do not simply see themselves as a hyphenated identity but rather have various individual concepts thereof.

A TV Show for the Rouhani Era: Shahrzad and the 1953 Coup d'etat in Iran

Shahrzad, a historical series directed by Hassan Fathi, reveals how the 1953 Coup is still the site of competing historiographical narratives.

A Tourist's Guide to Tehrangeles: Exploring The Capital of the Iranian Diaspora

Los Angeles is the capital of the Iranian diaspora, home to at least 700,000 Iranian-Americans and an Iranian culture industry that makes its presence known worldwide. Here’s your guide to visiting Tehrangeles.

'Where There is No Architect': Histories from the Native Town of Bombay

Bombay’s history is woven around tales of cosmopolitanism. But while the grandiose architecture of the colonial city gets all the attention, the vernacular architecture built by the cosmopolitanism from below in the so-called “Native Town” nearby is too often overlooked.

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