Translating Game of Thrones into Turkish: the Man who Brought Jon Snow to Turkey

Turkey’s Game of Thrones mania is due to one college student. He goes by the Twitter handle of @esekherif_.

Anatolian Cultural Heritages: Mapping to Remember After the Genocide

The Hrant Drink Foundation had undertaken the massive assignment of mapping hundreds of properties owned by the Armenian, Jewish, Greek and Syriac/Assyrian communities before the Genocide.

Emerging Scholarship: Saghar Sadeghian on Non-Muslims and the Iranian Parliament, 1906-1911

In the first installment of our ongoing collaboration with Ottoman History Podcast, Chris Gratien talks to Saghar Sadeghian about the role of Non-Muslims in the Iranian Constitutional Movement.

Zoroastrian Nowruz in Tehran: Celebrating the “Big Five”

Celebrated from Eastern Anatolia to the western parts of China, diverse communities claim Nowruz as their own New Year’s holiday. While many recognize that Nowruz, which coincides with the Spring Equinox, has roots in Zoroastrianism, very few know how Zoroastrians celebrate this holiday in parts of Iran today.

The Syriac Churches and Sephardic Synagogues of India's Kochi

In the southern Indian port city of Kochi, millennia of merchant cosmopolitanism have contributed to the growth of a diverse and syncretic culture that combines faiths, practices, and forms from across the Indian Ocean rim. The history of Syriac Christianity and Sephardic Judaism in the region offer a unique perspective on Kerala’s historic relationship with the Middle East.

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