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Whose Anatolia? Mapping Complexities and Shared Histories Between Kurds, Armenians, and Turks

There are mountains and there are roads. From an airplane, Eastern Anatolia looks like Frankenstein’s monster as the craggy mountains of the Zargos, Tarsus, and Caucasus ranges collide with geologic logic, sutured together by some of the finest roadways in the world. The modern republics facing this jagged jumble are as powerful as that monster, but perhaps also as hollow. Continue reading »

A Nowruz Uprising: Ringing in the Persian New Year with a Spirit of Resistance

The Persian New Year 1391 is upon us and it seems that yet again that we will celebrate amidst a climate of global fear and relentless persecution. In Turkey, the police have cracked down on Nowruz celebrations and at least two are dead already as the country braces for mass demonstrations in support of greater … Continue reading »

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