Afghanistan: Touch Down in Flight + Dancing American Soldiers

Some years ago a cousin of mine went to Afghanistan for work. His company (a shoe manufacturer) was expanding its operations into a new mall being set up in Kabul and had asked him to head across the border for a week and help set up shop. On his return to Iran, he showed me a number of pictures he had taken of our neighbor state. Unfortunately for me, his pictures were mostly of the shoe shop in the mall (metallic looking in that typically Iranian architectural articulation of “modernity”), big dusty streets, and him posing with guns he had found in local markets (AK-47’s, not antiques). Disappointing, to say the least.

For a country so close to us and with such a long, shared history, it’s stunning how little most Iranians know of Afghanistan. The video below, “Afghanistan – touch down in flight,” offers an absolutely stunning view of a geography and a people even those of us who know it’s not all burqas-and-terrorists rarely think about. Solidarity isn’t just about political or economic cooperation; it must be based in a deeply rooted respect and understanding of our sisters and brothers wherever they may be.


Afghanistan – touch down in flight from Augustin Pictures on Vimeo.

One day, the occupations will end, the tyrants will flee and it will just be all of us living alongside each other. In that world, we will travel between Baku and Tabriz, Mashhad and Ashghabad, Esfahan and Samarqand, Tehran and Kabul, Herat and Dushanbe without the barriers of politics and economy and visa regimes that constrict us today. Videos like this are necessary preparation for that day.Look out for a few famous sights in the video- I noticed Babur’s Tomb and the Shah Do Shamshira mosque in Kabul.

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