Ajam Podcast #1: Welcome to the Ajamily

Thanks to our amazing supporters of our recent crowdfund, Ajam will now be producing and releasing regular weekly podcasts. We expect a wide variety of formats, but we wanted to use our first episode as a chance to update our listeners and introduce our new series. Remember to visit us at ajammc.com to learn more or contact us!

In this episode, Kamyar and Rustin discuss Nir Shafir’s latest article in Aeon magazine: “Forging Islamic Science.” They also talk about the limitations of ancestry and genetic testing sites in determining ethnic identity as well as their security and privacy concerns. Later in the show, they play a clip from Dr. Mikiya Koyagi’s interview on the Trans-Iranian Railroad. To download the episode, subscribe to Ajam in the iTunes store.

Stay tuned for next week’s episode!


Kamyar Jarahzadeh

Ajam Editor

Kamyar (@Kamyarjarah) on Twitter


Rustin Zarkar

Ajam Editor

Rustin (@RustinZ) on Twitter


(Featured image credit: Wellcome Collection)


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