Ajam Podcast #4: Gender and Tajik Labor Migration to Russia

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While Kamyar is traveling for work, Rustin is joined by guest co-host Yan Matusevich in Tbilisi, Georgia. Yan is a Vienna-based researcher and journalist focusing on issues of migration in the post-Soviet space. He is also the host of the ZamZaman podcast, which showcases music from Eastern Europe and Eurasia at large.

Yan and Rustin talk to Mariana Irby, a PhD student at the University of Pennsylvania. Her research focuses on nationalism, gender, and post-socialism in Tajikistan and Tajik migrant communities in Russia. She is also the author of a recent Ajam article, “Dressing the Nation: Tajikistan’s Hijab Ban and the Politics of Fashion in Post-Soviet Central Asia”. In this episode, Mariana delves deeper into the interplay between gender, articulations of nationhood, and the Tajik labor economy.

Yan closes out the episode with a track from the ZamZaman archive: “Dilro Bubin,” Makhfirat Hamroqulova & Gulshan (Tajikistan, 1985)

(Cover Image Credit: Asia Plus)

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Mariana Irby

PhD Student in University of Pennsylvania




Yan Matusevich

Host of ZamZaman Podcast

Yan Matusevich (@ymatusik) on Twitter


Rustin Zarkar

Ajam Editor

Rustin (@RustinZ) on Twitter


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